Silent, Sexy Feets On The Table (Clip Gush)

Sexy Feet and Soles for Dinner

Hi sexy stranger๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, I know it has been awhile (again!) but you know how I disappear every now and then to explore new rabbit holes and then return to share my adventures with you in some form.

Recently I went and stayed with a girlfriend for a little while and created a few clips over that fun weekend.

sexyfeetnsoles2 I’m putting the first clip up today and really, I am super excited to share it with you.

Since I started doing clips, I’ve played around with a few styles and mostly I like doing amateur ones because I think they have a certain dirtiness and personality to them that I thought you might like.

I think my most embarrassing one now that I look back on it is one day when I just took off my dress, left my scarf on and my bra and panties and started kicking dildos – white and “chocolate”, something for everyone. Well, at least for the guys who like a little ball busting. The clip is fun and shows off my nice long legs plus feet and rebounding dildos but somehow I wonder if I should take it down when I think about it because of the high level of dorkiness about it, lol. Nothing wrong with dorkiness, but I’m not sure if I’m feeling it. Still undecided on that.

(As if dildo kicking part one was not embarrassing enough, I decided to do part two – aka “kicking dildos like a dorky goddess”. Lol. Sucker for punishment – it’s why I can dish it out so deliciously too.๐Ÿ˜‰ )

sexyfeetnsoles3 But this series of clips over girlfriend weekend I am super excited about. I hope you are too, because that is why I do the clips.๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s clip is on a long dining table, me teasing you with my feet. I took the sound out so it’s just silent, mesmerizing foot tease – all visual!

I hope you like it – I would love comments and feedback!

Happy Foot Fetish Friday! sexyfeetnsoles4

K xoxo

Gut Feelings & No Bareback in Other People’s Shoes… #thedailyprompt #nablopomo

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

My guts speaks loud and clear and trusts no one.

Any waffling I do in between is really me walking a mile in many other pairs of shoes to see if gut is right.

I always heard we should walk a mile in other people’s shoes. Of course then you have their shoes and you’re a mile away. I paraphrase the adapted version that a hacker told me.

Personally I prefer to be barefoot, and if I wear anyone else’s shoes I like to have socks on. I don’t like to go bareback in other people’s shoes. Flip flops are okay, mostly. I like to take a look at people’s feet first to see if I want to let my feet love on their shoes. Anyway…

In spite of my trying on other people’s shoes and doubts and other ideas, the gut has already led the charge and, despite my calm demeanor (with subtle displays of anxiety observable to the attentive–my chattering beak maybe), my little webbed duck feet are paddling like the dickens underneath the surface at gut’s command.

Actually, sometimes I don’t listen to my gut and then it says, see I told you! And then I whip up something new out of the experience, and go “no I told you!” And then gut says it was gut’s idea to begin with.

Actually that’s not true. I don’t think it’s very nice to say I told you so, and I think that it really should not even be necessary. The win should be obvious and then there’s just a look. Sometimes not even that. I prefer if gut goes, “nice play.” Then we can high five it.

Or I suppose I could too when gut wins. Nice play, Gutsy.

None of this “I told you so” business because what if my own “I told you so” is about to show up. Then we have two embarrassing moments. That could be funny too. I still don’t like “I told you so.”

Yes, I not only have a small circus in my mind–literally I have worlds. My mandate is to bring them to earth but I don’t know why I should bother.

Just kidding. I am busy infiltrating various industries to match things up for maximum effectiveness and pleasure. I will be preparing my reports soon!

Gutsy told me to. Or maybe it was my idea.

If I Can Make It Naked… #nablopomo #camgirl #thedailyprompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Make It Anywhere.”

There was this feeling of relief when I committed to signing up as a web cam model. The feeling that there was no turning back. I like that feeling. It requires only one thing: moving forward. That’s simple.

But I have to ask myself if I really made it naked? What does that even mean? What does it mean to make it?

To be successful? To survive?

I don’t think I ever thought “if I can make it here I can make it anywhere” about any place geographically. I’d lived in five countries by the time I was four. There are some places I prefer, but I have survived them all in the most unusual ways. I know that’s not very telling. We called it living by faith when I was growing up. Later it was living by the seat of my pants even as I struggled to be more of a plotter. Really I ended up just feeling like a plodder.

So when I laid there in front of my MacBook in my first days as a model I thought I was going to be eaten alive. I felt naive and like a deer in headlights.

I was relieved when I started having shows. One of the most popular ones is my first show where I tried for over half an hour to put a dildo in my arse. I laughed afterwards. It felt liberating. I had never done any work like that before. It made all my other challenges seem like nothing.

I still don’t know if I’d really say that I’ve made it though. What does that mean? If it means I survived and have learned something new that I can add to the pies I like to put my fingers in, then hells yes!

If it means I’m Web Babe of the Year, well not yet. =)

I was planning to get naked a lot more this month but it seems things have taken another turn. We’ll see what happens next week.

Oh, I take back what I said about making it anywhere geographically. I did go to Texas once to see if I could get myself out of there. I did. Going to Texas felt like going from the frying pan into the fire, but sometimes that’s the only way to get off the stove.

I am now safely on the kitchen counter. Half naked.